DLANC to select Alameda East Business Director on June 11, 2013


Announcement on DLANC board selection Alameda East Business seat on the June 11, 2013 meeting.

The DLANC board approved these standing rules changes adopted at the March 14th, 2013 meeting.

Board Filled Vacancies

Motion: To accept the following change to the standing rules:

a.      Any Stakeholder interested in filling a vacancy on the Board shall submit a written application to the Board 1 week prior to the election meeting.

b.      The Board shall cause the matter to be placed on the agenda for the next regular meeting of the Board.

c.       The Board shall vote on the application at the meeting.  If multiple applications for one seat have been submitted, the candidate with the most votes wins.

d.      The candidate who wins shall fill the remaining term of the Board seat unless an election or selection occurs sooner.

e.      In no event shall a vacant seat be filled where a general election is scheduled to occur within 60 days of the date that a written application is presented to the Board.

The mechanism for board selection will include a candidate application process, a candidate presentation session and a board (only) vote.

Candidate application deadline is June 8, 2013 at 5 PM.  Completion of candidate form and submittal:

Candidate form and documentation may be faxed to 213-341-2382, emailed to Elections.dlanc@gmail.com or delivered to the DLANC Office at 453 S Spring Street # 1020.  It is the candidate’s responsibility to show completed and documented delivery if deadline is missed.  Please file paperwork early in order to allow confirmation and verification BEFORE the deadline. 

Applying candidate must also submit required documentation as listed on the www.dlanc.org website announcement concerning the board selection. Failure to submit required documentation must be considered as an incomplete application. 

All verified candidates will be notified via email and/ or by other communication.

Announcement of board vacancy was made at the Feb, March, April and May 2013 meetings. At the June 11th monthly board of directors meeting, the board selection will be agendized.  All verified candidates will be given 2 minutes for a short presentation of their background, interests and involvement with DLANC and the community. A short period for questions will also be allowed.

After completion of the verified candidate presentations, the board will vote on each vacant seat.  The candidate receiving the most vote for each seat in which they are running, will become the new board member.

For questions, feel free to contact:

Election committee chair:
Russell Brown, DLANC VP Administration
cell: 213-341-2382

VP of Outreach:
Anastasia Johnson

DLANC President:
Patti Berman

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment contact:
Jay Handal
cell: 310-466-0645 

This document was approved and reviewed by Jay Handal. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 6:00pm
Palace Theatre
630 S Broadway
90014 Los Angeles , CA
POINT (-118.2527334 34.0458668)
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