DLANC To Hold Town Hall Meeting to Fill Five Empty Seats


Town Hall/Board Meeting will be held at the time of our regularly scheduled Board Meeting, on June 11, 2013   at  6:30 PM.

At that time, a selection of persons to fill the One vacant board seats will be held according to the standing rules. 

Board Filled Vacancies

1.       At a regularly scheduled meeting, a vacant seat will be announced.

2.       Any Stakeholder interested in filling a vacancy on the Board shall submit a written application to the Board 1 week prior to the selection meeting.

3.       The Board shall cause the matter to be placed on the agenda for the next regular meeting of the Board.

4.       The Board shall vote on the application at the next regularly scheduled meeting. If multiple applications for one seat have been submitted, the candidate with the most votes wins.

5.       The candidate who wins shall fill the remaining term of the Board seat unless an election or selection occurs sooner.

6.       In no event shall a vacant seat be filled where a general election is scheduled to occur within 60 days of the date that a written application is presented to the Board. 


Candidate applications must be received by Election Committee Chair, Russell Brown, and be in hand no later than 5:00 PM on June 11, 2013. 


Election Chair: Russell Brown, DLANC VP Administration, DLANC.jr2brown@gmail.com, cell # 213-999-0379  or fax at 213-341-2382

VP of Outreach: Anastasia Johnson, Anastasia.Johnson@DLANC.com

DLANC President: Patti Berman, Patti.berman@DLANC.com

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment contact: Jay Handal, Jay@EmpowerLA.org, cell # 310-466-0645


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