DLANC Election 2016 Results


Congratulations to all our new board members!

Civic Center / Financial District Resident: Ian Young

Civic Center / Financial District Business: Nate Johnson

Center City East Resident: Wendell Blassingame

Center City East Business: Kris Ferris

Center City East Business: Raquel Beard

Fashion District Resident: Ariana Nussdorf

Fashion District Business: Rena Leddy

Historic Core Resident: Eric Garcia

Historic Core Resident: Michael Eisman

Historic Core Resident: James Todd

Historic Core Business: Amara Mia Ononiwu

Historic Core Business: Michael Delijani

South Park Resident: Nate Cormier

South Park Resident: Beverly Christiansen

South Park Resident: Scott Bytof

South Park Business: Josh Kreger

South Park Business: Amber Maltbie

Area-Wide Homeless Resident: Eduardo Alvarado

Area Wide: Andrew Douglas

Area Wide: Josh Albrektson

Social Services Provider: Adrienne Nicole Edwards

Social Services Provider: Robert Newman

At Large: Patti Berman



Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 6:15pm
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