DLANC 2014 Election Results


The results are in. Thank you to all the candidates and all the voters who came out to support them.

  • At Large Director: Patti Berman
  • Alameda East Resident Director: Bradd Wesley Fillmann
  • Area-Wide Resident Director: Stephen León Kane
  • Bunker Hill Resident Director: Russell Chan
  • City West Resident Director: Rasool Ali
  • Civic Center Resident Director: Theodore Herzl Nathanson
  • Central City East / Skid Row Resident Director: Ron J. Smith
  • Downtown Center Business Director: Simon Ha
  • Fashion District Business Director: Lynn Myers
  • Historic Downtown Business Director: Michael Delijani
  • South Park Business Director: Tyler Murphy
  • Arts, Cultural, and Educational Interest Directors:
    • Farida Amar
    • Edgar Varela
    • Casey J. Dadey
  • Arts, Cultural, and Educational Interest Director (Resident): Anastasia Palmer Johnson
  • Fashion District Resident Director: Jeremy Dawson
  • Historic Downtown Resident Director: Eric R. Garcia
  • South Park Resident Director: Andrew D. Ruiz
  • Area-Wide Homeless Resident Director: Eric Dean
  • Alameda East Business Director: Kjell Hagen
  • Area-Wide Business Director: Hal Bastian
  • Social Service Provider Directors:
    • Wendell T. Blassingame
    • Robert Newman
    • Michael Eisman
  • Public Sector Workforce Director: Quinn Tang
  • Private Sector Workforce Director: Allen Gross


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