Agenda: Special Executive Meeting 03/11/2013 - 6:00pm

Special Executive Meeting

Monday, March 11, 2013 - 6:00pm
453 S. Spring St. Suite 1020
90014 Los Angeles , CA
  1. Call to Order
  2. Public comment on Non-Agenda Items within the committee’s subject matter. Speakers must fill out a public comment card. Public comments are limited to two minutes per speaker with a total time of ten minutes. (These parameters may be changed by the chair, depending on number of speakers and time considerations.)
  3. Approval of committees as presented by the Committee chairs
    1. Motion: To approve the Outreach committee:
      • Anastasia Johnson, chair
      • Jason Morris, co-chair
      • Patti Berman
      • Casey Dady
      • Tati Simonan
      • Max Cee
      • Nancy Lee
    2. Motion: To approve the Planning and Land Use committee:
      • Simon Ha, chair
      • James Doizaki, co-chair
      • General Jeff
      • Patti Berman
      • Russell Brown
      • Phillip Estes
      • Brady Westwater
      • Celine Larkin
      • Jason Claypool
      • Scott Bytof
      • Robert Newman
    3. Motion: To approve the PROS committee:
      • Judith Hansen, chair
      • Jason Morris, co-chair
    4. Motion: To approve the Arts committee:
      • Tati Simonian, chair
      • Nancy Lee, co-chair
      • Joe Moller
      • Dorsay Dujon
      • Marie Kellier
      • Britt Dixon
      • Casey Jay Dady
      • Anastasia Palmer-Johnson
    5. Motion: To approve the Affordable Housing committee:
      • Wendell Blassingame, chair
      • Robert Newman, co-chair
      • Max Cee
      • Patti Berman
    6. Motion: To approve the Sustainability committee:
      • Gretchen Siemers, chair
      • Jennifer Lee, co-chair
      • Phillip Estes
      • Patti Berman
      • Will Wright
    7. Motion: To approve the Public Health and Safety committee:
      • Russell Brown, chair
      • Gary Jacoby, co-chair
      • Kathleen McMullin
      • Max Cee
      • Laura Abrams
      • Don Garza
    8. Motion: To approve the By-Laws committee:
      • Russell Brown, chair
      • Patti Berman
      • Wendell Blassingame
      • Robert Newman
      • Travis Kaspar
      • Max Cee
  4. Public Safety and Health Committee items postponed due to lack of quorum
    1.  Motion: To approve the appointment by the President of an ad hoc committee to investigate and make recommendations regarding the potential closing of the streets and potential return of food trucks for art walk.
    2. Motion: to approve the writing of a letter by the President to all L.A. appropriate agencies to investigate and implement the placement of additional toilets and trash cans in skid row, and to ask the President to appoint an ad hoc committee to work on and follow the progress of this motion.
  5. Expenditures
    1. Motion: Discussion and possible action re: Payment of invoice from Spring Arts tower for changing of locks approximately $50
    2. Motion: Discussion and possible action re: Allocation of up to $500 for office camera and security devices
    3. Motion: Discussion and possible action re: Allocation of up to $500 for large visible clock to time board and public comments.
  6. Adjournment
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