Social Service Providers

Qualifications to run:

Stakeholders who are at least 18 years of age and with proof of SSP interests from organizations but not limited to mission-type, faith-based organizations that provide social services, non-profit affordable housing, development and management organizations, non-profit educational and employment training, social service advocacy groups, non-profit hospitals, health care providers, social service counseling and life enrichment organizations such as senior service centers.

Qualifications to vote:

Stakeholders who are at least 16 years of age with SSP interests within the DLANC boundaries.

Number of Seats: 

Kevin Michael K

KevinMichaelK is a 2 term current member of DLANC, I live-work-got Clean and Sober in SkidRow, the “World’s Largest Recovery Community.” While I enjoy being a part of the entire Downtown LA community, I am called to represent the most misunderstood portion of our neighborhood, SkidRow. I’m a SkidRow Advocate, if we recognize that diversity can be our strength, and if we respect each other’s truths, our social lab can provide great hope for others. This term I will call upon the rest of our Board to begin engaging with the SkidRow neighborhood representatives in a more equitable manner.

Robert Newman

I have developed my skill, energy, and expertise from my vast life and work experience combined with both formal and practical education of the hustle-bustle world. I have set the stage in applying the synchronicity of the same set of skills that I have channeled successfully for two decades on one end of the spectrum in business to the other end and plugged them into the realm of Social Services. It is a pleasure to be a current member of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council and it will be an honor to continue my service to the downtown Los Angeles community with your vote.

Michael Eisman

A four year resident of Downtown’s vibrant Historic Core, Michael Eisman is the Director of Community Outreach for Impulse Group Los Angeles. Joining Impulse group’s board nearly a year ago, Michael has helped the group in developing engaging messaging and educational material in the fight to end AIDS. He has headed up multiple advocacy projects, including “Knowing”, a sexy, edgy PSA aimed at promoting safe sex and anti-HIV Stigma, which has been viewed over 140,000 times in 47 countries on 5 continents. His hope is to bring his expertise on this continuing epidemic to the DLANC.
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