Theodore Herzl Nathanson

  • Bunker Hill resident (33 years)Aerospace Engineer and Architect (Quebec)
  • Canada and United States Citizen
  • Rockwell International, Downey and Canoga Park (Vehicle Design and Structural Analysis, 13 years – award winning extended duration orbiter mission extension kit, 4 orbital transfer vehicles, space station cupola)
  • American Institute of Architects, Boston Society of Architects (The Universal House, minimal surface catenoid ground based environmental control system, Citation Award for Unbuilt Architecture)
  • Strathcona Academy, Outremont, Quebec (Magazine Digest Award – 1 of 3 best students out of 120)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering)
  • Harvard University (Master in Architecture)
  • University of Southern California (Graduate School – Finite Element Analysis)
  • El Camino Community College, Compton (Visiting Lecturer)
  • California Museum of Science (Volunteer)
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