General Jeff

Candidate Board Position: 
I, General Jeff, have publicly served my fellow skid row residents for 6 years on DLANC. I have voluntarily served even longer as a community activist in skid row to improve the conditions for us who live here. Some of my accomplishments include: “The Gladys Park Improvement Project” which brought the NIKE basketball court, chess tables and fitness equipment. I’m a member of the skid row 3-on-3 street ball league. I ended the “Overnight Guest Fees” in all the SRO Housing Units. I lead the efforts to “Keep both of our skid row parks open” – Gladys Park and San Julian Park – and still have work to do on this to make sure they stay open forever!! I’m also State-Appointed Official on the “Office of Health Equity – Advisory Committee”, where I am speaking out on behalf of us skid row residents in Sacramento. Thank you for your vote!
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