Follow Up from Board Meeting



Thank you to all who attended last night's Board Meeting.  

The vote for the NPG of $500 was 5,3,3.  According to Jay Handel, our protocal guru, the motion passed 5-3.  The abstains do not count.  

Now let's talk about the fact that only 11 persons were able to take part in this vote.  It isimportant that all board members (and alternates) take both the ethics training and the first 20 minutes of the funding training.  Since many attended last month's funding training, there are fewer who still need to take it.  The ethics training is a different matter.  Many are not in  compliance.

Let me remind you that both trainings are available at the Congress of NC's at City Hall on September 28th.  The Congress is a wealth of information and a great place to network.  Whether you need to take a training class or not, please sign up for the event.

I hope to see all of you there.




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